Liberation From Our Modern Purgatory: An Upcoming Talk On June 9th

Free And Open To The Public

Via Zoom, I’ll be giving a public talk that essentially combines two of my longstanding commitments: (1) a compassionate critique of the modern world (something I wrote my Ph.D. dissertation on in 2009); and (2) a defense of nondual metaphysics (also known as “panentheism,” “religio perennis,” “perennial philosophy,” etc.).

My first thesis is that modernity can be regarded as “purgatory” or as “pathlessness.” My second thesis is that “esoteric religion” or, what is the same thing, the mystical aspects of our religious traditions point the way to liberation (moksha).

If you’ve felt that something is deeply out of joint about the time in which we live (call this “shared or collective dukkha”), then you may have ears to hear this talk.

An outline of the talk can be found here. You can also sign up for the event there.

With palms pressed,