Dialogical Meditations: An Invitation

Dear all,

As an act of karma yoga (selfless giving), I’d like to invite any here who are earnestly interested to take part in—perhaps—monthly dialogical meditations with me. I say “perhaps” only because I trust that these will evolve however it is that they naturally evolve, for such is the nature of Tao.

Though, of course, each session will change in substance and style, the basic idea might be (i) to begin with a brief silent meditation, (ii) then to move into a dialogical meditation (a guided meditation, a direct pointing to our True Nature, that I’d lead and that we’d do together), (iii) then perhaps to open into a short heart-opening meditation, and (iv) perhaps to conclude with a time for us to share, via discourse, where we’re at.

I’m imagining that each session would be about 1 hr. 15 min. Each session would also be a gift, pure and simple, and therefore you’d need not offer anything but your earnest commitment to dive deep into this beautiful and rigorous investigation of your True Self.

If this is something you’re eagerly alive to (here, sraddha meaning “eagerness” or “earnestness”), then you can reply in the comments section below or, if you prefer, you can write to me directly at secondaxialage@gmail.com.

With palms pressed for all beings,