The Sun, Do You See?, Has Always Been Round

Enlightenment Poem #1:

Raising my head to look about,

I saw that the sun has always been round.

…And ever since then have been joyful....

(Luohan [Lo-han/Rakan 羅漢; c.866-928] ZD 247-48 rev.)

Can you not feel Luohan’s wonderful surprise? The sun has always been round!

Enlightenment poem #2:

For thirty years I searched for a master swordsman [enlightenment].
How many times did the leaves fall
and the branches break into bud?
But from the moment I saw the peach blossoms,
I’ve had no doubts.

 ([Ling-yün/Reiun 靈雲; 9th c.] EV 6-7 rev.)

Thirty years! What an aching heart! No doubt—not even a hint—any longer! He knows what he is!